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Exterior Home Paint Ideas & Inspirations for Chicago

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Everyone is starting to enjoy spending more time outside of their home in Chicago as the weather is turning to spring. The more time you spend outside the more you think the exterior paint could use an update. It may just be because you’re in the spring cleaning mood, or because its been 15 years since the paint has been changed. No matter the reason for needing the exterior paint service done, IKG Property Maintenance is here to help Chicago!

We put together groups of homes and projects that we have worked on in the past to bring some inspiration to your exterior home painting project. Check out some of the beautiful examples of our work and contact us today to get your custom exterior paint job planned out! Also, check out our gallery page for many more examples.

Examples of Exterior Paint Jobs in Chicago Area

Exterior Spray Paint Job Chicago

This project was actually our first spray job of 2019! It turned out great as the exterior paint went perfect with the colored trim of the house. When planning out the outside color of your house, consider all the accents your home brings.

cost to paint exterior of home

We included this house as it brings a different style of exterior. With exteriors of stone and brick, it is even more important that your accent trim stays freshly painted, or your house will stick out like a sore thumb. With the harsh weather Chicago homes face, occasional maintenance is becoming more essential to home up keep. (Check out this article on protecting your home exterior in storms as well)

Home exterior extras painting service

Yes, we know this isn’t a home but exterior accessories need to be maintained too! How many house have you driven by in Chicago area with a broken down swing set or playground in the back yard? Something as quick as a paint stain refresh can make all the difference in how people driving by view your house. Do you want to be remembered as the house with the broken down swing set or the cozy home on the drive home from work?

Final Thoughts on Chicago Exterior Painting

We at IKG Property Maintenance hope that you enjoyed some of inspiration for your Chicago Exterior Paint Project. If you just can’t picture any ideas for your home’s exterior, call one of our paint experts to help with the process. Regardless, we hope you consider us for all of your paint service needs and look forward to working with you on your next home paint project!

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  1. I want to make sure that I get my home painted properly. It makes sense that I would want to choose the right colors! I’ll try not to choose anything too bright, since that might make things look out of place.

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