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2019 Interior Painting Costs | Avg. Cost to Paint a Home

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You’re most likely a homeowner who would love to have professional painters repaint the interior of your home, but don’t know how much it would cost you, and you probably don’t have any trust in the contractors that would enter your home. We’re here to throw you the facts, so that you don’t overpay to spice up your interior. Here are a few insights that you can use to help make an educated decision when it comes to your painting project.

When deciding whether it’s worth the time & effort to paint the room yourself, or not, there’s a few things you would want to consider. A homeowner is going to pay retail price for paint, while professional painting contractors are able to get their materials from suppliers for a much lower price than consumers will end up paying for these products. Professional painters are getting these products for a significantly lower price because they are buying these products in bulk quantities. With that being said, make sure that you put that into consideration when you receive a quote, because most interior painting contractors will include the cost of paint, labor, and clean up in your qu

So, you're probably thinking - how much do painters charge?

According to, “The cost to paint an average size room (10X12) ranges from $380-$790, not including ceilings, trim or cost of the paint. DIY, this can cost between $200-$300″, but this average price does not mean that you can’t find highly-trusted professional services for a more affordable price.

Interior Paint Prices for IKG:

For example, we charge $2 per square footage to repaint interior walls, which means that it would cost you only $240 to fully repaint the walls of that average size (10X12) room that we mentioned above. That price includes all the prep, labor, paint, and clean-up required to revamp your walls. If you wanted us to repaint the ceiling, base-trim, and door trim, we’d quote you $400 flat for a full repaint of That’s essentially the same price you’d pay if you used your valuable free time to do the paint job yourself. Do the math and make sure to account for all the time, labor, and material costs it would take you to do the paint job.

Ask yourself – do you value-high quality work when it comes to your home improvements? Regardless of the answer you just had in your head, your answer should have been yes. Wanna make a bet? I’ll bet a free paint quote that the mortgage you took out to become a homeowner was the biggest purchase you have made thus far. With that being said; you need to make sure that you interior esthetics look amazing. (& if you happened to lose that bet – I’ll still throw you a free quote, because I’m a super cool guy)

We partner exclusively with Sherwin Williams for all our paint, because their extremely high-quality products are inevitably the best in the market

Other Property Maintenance Services:

Don’t get it twisted – we’re not limited to interior painting services. Our exterior painting services and additional property maintenance services are second to none. Am I saying that we’re the best because I’m the owner? Yeah. Am I also saying that we’re the best because it’s facts? Yeah.

With IKG, you’re not just paying for painting services, you’re paying for trust and confidence. Our reviews and testimonials speak for themselves

I’ve talked long enough, now it’s your turn. Let us know what sections you’re looking to revamp in your home, and we’ll come to give you a free quote.

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