Floor Care


Floor Waxing/Stripping

IKG is committed to assisting property owners make great first impressions to potential customers. Waxed floors are often one of the first major elements of a building tenants, customers, and employees notice. A well-maintained floor reflects an organization’s commitment to excellence. Waxed floors must be stripped and waxed properly and on a regular basis to get the most benefits out of the floor. At IKG, crews take the time to do the work properly and use the best products and latest methods to help maintain floors to the highest quality.


Routine maintenance for waxed floors does not stop at periodic stripping and waxing. To get the optimal fresh, shiny look of your facility’s floors, they must be buffed on a routine basis as well. IKG offers innovative, quality floor buffing techniques that will enhance the look of your floors.

Carpet Cleaning

A facility’s carpeted surface deserves just as much attention as its waxed hard surfaces. IKG’s proficient carpet cleaning technicians are ready to fully clean and protect your carpets. Carpet cleaning is often neglected in facilities today; however, it is important to keep your carpets looking and smelling fresh. Carpeted surfaces get a beating from foot traffic, especially during the winter months. Allow IKG to consult you on a routine carpet cleaning program for your facility, from light-duty wet extraction to heavy duty “bonnet” cleaning, IKG can manage your carpets more cost effectively than the competition.