If you are a property owner in the Chicago suburbs, it can be difficult to find the time to upkeep your property. Whether it is a rental property or something you personally own, there is maintenance that needs to be done. With the weather that can be a little harsher than most other states, Illinois provides a large number of challenges for homeowners. Reading through this blog post will help give you an idea of what it takes for property upkeep. Using other locals testimonies and stories, we will try to paint you a picture of Property maintenance in the midwest.

Residential Property Maintenance Services Required

Regardless if you are a real estate agent that owns multiple residential locations or a homeowner yourself, property maintenance can be a demanding task. With being hot and humid in the summer but cold and snowy in the winter; Chicago weather can add to the list of demanding task involved with property upkeep. These can lead to expensive mistakes in the interior or exterior of your home. One of the most expensive repairs being mold damage repair. (If you are worried your house already has been affected by mold, IKG can help identify the problem with a free inspection to help cut down on that expensive cost for you.)

We once had a family from near Palos Heights, Illinois that was in the process of remodeling their basement when they first discovered mold. Their main concern was they had small children. Hear more about their story from their testimony;

This kind of property maintenance is very common around the midwest. It can appear without much warning. Without a property manager, this can be a difficult task to keep up. Also, any onsight successful property manager is going to cost you a pretty hefty fee. Most people, like our example, will choose to have a property management company handle problems that require a professional.

Real Estate Investing Property Management

As a real estate investor, you encounter all kinds of property management issues. Whether you are dealing with commercial properties or a combination of residential properties, you are going to encounter some kind of management fee. Being near Chicago, this property management can come in the form of building exterior weather damage or simply a paint refresh to stay with current trends.

If you are going to have as many property maintenance requests, you might as well have a dedicated property management business. With affordable project-based pricing, IKG Property Maintenance can be your one-stop-shop for an unbeatable price. We are on all of the latest property management softwares with many jobs completed and reviewed.

If you want to see more of the kind of quality and attention to detail owning a property takes, check out this video of a school IKG painted for Southwest Christian Schools in Oak Lawn, IL;

IKG also does smaller property maintenance jobs as well. One of the most recent small property maintenance gigs that IKG did was a white picket fence pictured below. With flexibility like this, IKG Property Maintenance can be your whole solution to all property maintenance problems. Plus, most of our service comes with a FREE Quote, so there is little risk. Lets face it, you have enough problems getting the rent collected.