Have you heard of the latest concern about indoor exposure to mold?

The exposure to mold can cause a variety of health effects and symptoms, including allergic reactions. The professionals at IKG respond to mold and moisture situations in buildings and offer effective mold remediation and prevention solutions.

The key to mold control is moisture control. Solve moisture problems before they become mold problems!

  • Fix leaky plumbing and leaks in the building as soon as possible
  • Watch for condensation and wet spots and fix moisture problems
  • Reduce the moisture level in air, repair leaks, and increase ventilation
  • Keep heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) drip pans clean, flowing properly, and unobstructed
  • Perform regular building/HVAC inspections and maintenance schedules
  • Clean and dry wet and flooded areas
  • Provide drainage and slope the ground away from building foundations
Mold in Basement Remove
Mold Removed in a Day


IKG provides expert mold remediation services for residential, commercial, and industrial customers. IKG’s experience has taught its team that mold can become a large problem very quickly, and all it needs is moisture for an extended period of time. Visible growth on painted wall surfaces mean there should be strong concerns about what is potentially growing inside your walls. It is important to get the situation addressed rather quickly; mold can find the opportunity to thrive out of your sight, causing damage to your home without any way for you to notice.

IKG’s team of technicians and experience in containing and removing mold and preventing future mold damage is like no other. Allow IKG to address your mold situation, rely on professionals to deal with mold evaluation and removal. IKG gets the situation under control through specialized training in identifying moisture sources, evaluating mold growth (seen or suspected), containing damage to the smallest area possible, and physically removing contamination safely and efficiently.

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