It took long enough, but summer is officially upon us in Chicago. Everyone wants their home filled with positive energy, and there’s no better time than summer to re energize your living environment. Choosing the right color is usually the hard part in the buying decision, because you want to ensure that you choose a shade that you’ll enjoy long-term, since you’ll be looking at it everyday. So we went ahead and made that decision a little bit easier for you by narrowing down the Top 5 on-trend Paint Colors that homeowners are raving about in 2019!

Why The Color You Choose is Important:

Your home says a lot about you, and the color of your interior can significantly increase/decrease the energy of those around it. Whether you love attention, or hate it, you need to choose the colors that show your guests a little bit about yourself. As the famous saying goes, “You only get one shot at a first impression” and that saying goes for your home as well when you welcome guests in.


With that being said, what kind of vibe do you want your rooms to have?

Top Interior Color Ways of 2019

#5 – “Tricorn Black”

Black is the new black. I just made that statement up, but this bold color way perfectly compliments everything in the room. It’s as if you begin to really notice everything in the room a lot more by having the rich backdrop that it bring. If you’re going for a sophisticated look, Tricorn will enhance the confidence of your home’s interior.

#4 – “Toasted Pine Nut”

You can never go wrong with the beautiful simplicity that the Toasted Pine Nut will give your living room, dining room, or anywhere you want, honestly. This warm beige-type color way is sure to please everyone that walks into your home with it’s simple, yet elegant feel. Maybe you currently have white walls and want something new, but you don’t want something too flamboyant; this light paint color is sure to get rid of the bland feeling, without the risk of looking too flashy.

#3 – “Essential Gray”

This highly-favored neutral color way is sure to give your home an urban feel. The reason that Essential Gray is one of the colors of the year is because it does an amazing job of complimenting everything in the room. While it’s gray, it’s far from bland. If you want a “chill” atmosphere in your living room – have a professional paint service apply the “Essential Gray” color way on your walls in 2019.

#2 – “Cavern Clay”

If you want an eye-catching interior, Cavern Clay does just that. This esthetically pleasing color way give your home an Autumn feel that is sure to bring along a lot of compliments for years to come. You’ll notice pops of color everywhere with this shade of clay around your home. Interior designers across the world say that clay is an amazing color way to go with for interior paint.

#1 – “Adrift”

This soothing shade of blue gives your interior a dopamine boost as it gives your home an energizing boost. The Adrift color way on your walls will give your kitchen, bedrooms, or bathroom will get a beautiful new mood. Just wait until you see it complimented by some natural light in the summer.

What The People of Chicago Trust

We chose Sherwin Williams color schemes because we’ve noticed them to consistently provide the highest-quality products for all interior and exterior painting jobs. You can find all of the listed home paint colors on the Sherwin Williams Paint Website. If you read this and realized that your home is looking a little dull, or maybe you just want a new feel, then I highly recommend getting a quote from a professional painting service. Their expertise will eliminate the risk of turning your home into something you’re not completely satisfied with. At IKG, we will provide you with a free paint quote to you if you live in the Chicagoland area.