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We talk a lot about mold on our blog, but we think that when people are dealing with a mold problem, they need insight. We do offer a wide range of property maintenance services, but mold is one that allows us to have a direct impact on saving peoples lives. Without the ability to remove black mold, humans would be surrounded by life threating toxins. We hope you enjoy our informative piece on mold removal, and if you are in the Chicago-land area, we’d love to help you further with a free mold inspection from IKG.

(Free with IKG) Mold Inspection

So the process normally starts out with identifying the mold. You’ll typically see affected mold growth areas on wood surfaces or air ducts. This will be the first step in finding the mold. Next, you will have to identify what kind of mold the affected area contains. This can be more like a guessing game if you don’t have the experience of a trained professional.

If you are going to need to get the problem removed anyway, it is best to start with a professional mold inspection. This will save you a lot of the guessing game and save you time to prevent further mold damage. With a professional mold inspection, they will normally check the square feet of the infected area and come up with a price & process for removal. ***Note while IKG Mold inspections are free of charge, most companies will charge for the initial inspection.

Mold - Cleanup and Remediation

Now that the problem has been identified, it is time to remove it altogether! Hopefully, after the mold inspection, you will have a good idea of the cost to remove the mold. Now you may read the Center for Diese Control’s mold removal piece and decide to start a DIY black mold removal process at your place, but it will only be dangerous and expensive. You will end up spending more on cleaning products, garbage bags, and mold cleaner than just paying a mold removal specialist.

If you are looking to get the mold removal job done right, trust a pro. Water damage and mold spores may cause that mold growing to infect something really important in your house. This can become expensive fast, and may lead to further home property maintenance in the future. Don’t put yourself or your family at risk trying to fight a mold problem on your own!

Mold removal in Chicago

We hope that you found this information provide in this blog helpful and informative. If you are in the Chicago or Northwest Indiana area, don’t hesitate to reach out and start your free mold inspection today!

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